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We install eero Tri-band Whole Home Mesh Network WiFi.


eero pro 6

eero pro 6
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eero Tri-band Mesh Network WiFi
eero pro 6

Stay Connected with High-Speed eero Wi-Fi in Front Royal, VA

In today’s modernized day and age, having an effective, reliable internet connection is virtually a necessity. A common complaint among modern households is dealing with the frustrations of a weak or ineffective network connection. Are you tired of struggling to make due with a router that performs inconsistently? Instead of living with a choppy Internet connection, switch to fast-paced eero Wi-Fi in Front Royal, VA.

You deserve a high-speed internet connection that works, especially when you’re in your domain. Departure Complete LLC is proud to offer you the eero beacon, a high-performance Wi-Fi router that delivers a consistently strong signal everywhere you need it. The eero Smart Home system offers multiple, reliable access points so homes of all shapes and sizes can enjoy a strong connection throughout the property.

Learn More about eero Wi-Fi System

At our locally owned and operated retailer, we proudly provide residences with a wide variety of high-speed internet service plans and packages. Among our many systems, our Eero system provides homes of all shapes and sizes with a powerful connection. These powerhouse systems use TrueMesh technology, offering multiple access points to ensure you have reliable internet access no matter where you are on the property.

Half the size of Eero, the Eero beacon plugs directly into any home outlet to expand the reaches of your network to every nook and cranny…even bathrooms, basements, and hallways. Share your needs with our specialists, and we’ll work with you to help you find the right system and setup for your home.

Avoid the Troubles of a Poor Internet Connection

Are your electronics plagued by incessant buffering, dead spots, or reboots? These are all problematic symptoms of traditional routers and range extenders. With these issues running rampant in your home, it can make both play and work an annoyance at best and a downright chore at worst. Stay connected and keep things moving throughout your home with our Eero Wi-Fi system.

If you’re ready to make the switch and enjoy Wi-Fi everywhere, our team is here to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible. Our installation fee is $99 per item group. Be sure to ask our technicians about our special bundle offers. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you. Reach out to our team, and we’ll determine how to best approach your home network needs.

Contact our technicians to learn more about our eero Smart Home system and internet service packages. Located in Front Royal, Virginia, we proudly serve homeowners on a nationwide basis.