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High Speed Internet the Way You Want It

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Order Your HughesNet and Directv from Departure Complete.

No matter where you live in the Continental U.S. we can sell you your choice of Excede Satellite Internet/Phone Service,
Hughesnet Satellite Internet/Phone Service,
Century Link DSL Internet/Phone Service, and Directv Satellite TV.
We also install locally.

Inexpensive Internet & TV Bundling Plans

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 Finding the right bundling plan can be challenging. Departure Complete has several Internet and television plans to suit all your television and Web surfing needs.

Media Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and your budget. The HughesNet® Gen4 and DIRECTV power plans are designed to provide you with plenty of speed for all of your online activities. Let us know what you want to do on the Internet, and our technicians and expert consultants will help you choose the best one.

The offer includes free standard installation for lease options with a 2 year lease agreement bundling with DIRECTV®.




TV- DIRECTV Select Package 150 Channels Genie HD DVR
Internet-Viasat Liberty 12
Phone-Viasat VOIP Home Phone Service

Months 1-6 $104.99 per month ($35 TV/$50 Net/$19.99 VOIP)
Months 6-12 $114.99 per month ($35 TV/$50 Net/$29.99 VOIP)
Months 13-24 $167.98 per month ($78 TV/$60 Net/$29.99 VOIP)

Taxes and local charges not included 
2 yr Commitment
Autobill pay and paperless billing
$7 per additional DIRECTV Box
Credit Approved
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TV-DIRECTV Select Package 150 Channels
Internet-HughesNet 10 Gen 5
Phone-VOIP Phone Service

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